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Surge CD
Brand new CD containing 11 new songs Written, Produced and Performed by Jane.  


Surge Remixed CD
7 extremely cool versions of Words I Know, Honeymine, Almost Beautiful, Loot$ville, You, Bluebird, Yellow Days, & Nice Day by various remixers. Jane approved!!!



Here Not There CD & Cassette
Jane's second album is jazzy classinx!
CD $14.99
Cassette $ 8.99
CD Temporarily SOLD OUT!


World Lullabye Benefit CD
2 incredible, newly recorded, different versions of "World Lullabye". Jane donates 100% of the proceeds to the Twin Towers Fund in New York.  




Jane Child Cassette
Jane's first album! Contains 
"Don't Wanna Fall In Love" & "Welcome To The Real World"
Cassette $ 8.99
CD Available Soon!


Coming Soon

Remixes 1990-1994 CD
18 remixes of "Don't Wanna Fall In Love," "Welcome To The Real World," "All I Do," "Do Whatcha Do," including two never before heard versions of "Welcome To The Real World" and "Don't Let It Get To You" by Jane!!


first heard of Jane's first album from a friend and @ CalJane of boltdotcom  more of Jane @



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